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How To Backup Android Phone

Data is the most important part in everyone daily life. We capture our daily moments, save thousands of files, talk with each other and want to store our daily activities. Data needs to be saved on a daily basis because a machine can break or lost data ever in life. It takes a lot of time to make data but only takes a second to lose it without any reason. People save data in laptops and mobile phones, memory cards. Unfortunately, the data in the laptops are safe as compared to mobile phones. Once the data is deleted in the phone it cannot be recovered back. It takes so much time to compile data and takes only two minutes to lose it. It is core competencies that data must not a loss in any case because of data integrity. Data can be easily backed up into the android devices because it helps to store the data online.

How To Backup Android Phone

How to make backup

There are many ways to make a backup of the android system, but we will discuss some important steps:

  • You have to go to the settings named as Accounts and Sync option and check mark the auto sync data option
  • It will ask for you gmail ID, mention your ID and login using it
  • Now your each and every data is going to save online in the google cloud server, photos, sms, music, videos will be saved
  • Now if you want to save the WIFI password’s data and save your phone settings, move to Settings and then select the Backup and reset settings
  • Now all your data is saving in the online portal easily you don’t need to worry about your data stolen or lost

Note: The worst thing is that all your data will be saved on cloud server. When you will login into another device using the same email address then all data will be imported to that phone. So be aware and don’t share your email address and password to anyone which you have used in your phone earlier.


You will never feel ashamed when you have millions of pictures into your phone and all are store even if your phone is stolen. The best thing is that you can also locate your phone when your phone snatched or lost using that cloud server.


There are some advantages that you can prevent and store your important data. It is extremely risky when your data is uploaded into the cloud server, accessible to everyone when password is stolen. Data security is not up to the mark and risky because your data can be easily accessible to anyone. Once your email is hacked, all your data will be adhere in third party person.


Data interoperability is very fast and you will not have to face delays when accessing your data. You don’t have to wait for accessing your data because data is not downloaded into the phone. Data is already saved into your phone when you just login into your account.

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