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How to Install Beats Audio on Android Without Root


Beats audio players and headphones are necessary to listen to any kind of music into your device. Beats headphones and audios are very famous to use on any occasion. There are thousands kinds of products of beats dre line are available that can be easily installed into any android phones. Beats audios are available to install on several Samsung, HTC and HP laptops which are essential for many devices. Beats has natural intensity that can change the smoothness of sound and makes it so better. Android can be easily installed on android without rooting it to computer. There are many ways which can use to install the android apps into any system. It can enhance the quality of android device which ensure the better quality of sound of the device. Today you will learn the important and main methods which can be so helpful that enhances the quality of the sound using the beats brand. You can use many methods and install the drivers into many devices.How to install beats audio on android without root

Note: Samsung will not use the beat internal audio system automatically, some drivers needs to be installed in order to run the beats audio sound

Here are some methods that can easily be used to install some drivers that will play the beats sound in the smartphone:

Method 1:

  • You have to download the beats audio installer APK from the official website
  • Instead of downloading the beats audio installer, game driver package is much preferred
  • Once the file has been downloaded locate the downloaded file in the smart phone
  • These files can be easily downloaded from the computer/laptop easily and can be moved to the internal and external storage of the phone’s memory
  • Once you copy the game driver package into the phone, there will be an option to just run the setup of the driver file, tap to open it
  • When the file is opened it will be started to extract the package of the setup easily
  • APK files are now easily be installed into the smart phone and ready to play the beats sounds
  • So this method did not root your Samsung phone and just downloaded a file and installed into the phone

Method 2

  • We have already disclosed one method above, in both method you have to download the beats audio installer from the official website
  • Make you sure you have downloaded the newer version of the app and must be with valid key
  • Now you need to install the beats audio without rooting it to computer
  • The driver can easily be installed into the phone by using the chrome
  • Use your internal browser in the Samsung phone and type Beats audio installer APK new version
  • Now you will be taken to the official website of the beats audio, it is the platform from where you have to download the driver app
  • Download it directly to your smartphone and tick the unknown source option in the setting menu
  • Now installer of the app will be easily downloaded into the phone memory, all you need to do is to follow on screen instructions and install it
  • The first window that will appear on the screen will be with logo of the app called as Ready
  • There will be two buttons on the screen Settings on the left and Next on the right side, choose the next button
  • Now you have to check mark on the notification tab on the app
  • There will be another window that surely will appear with the name of disclaimer make it select the next button and tap on it
  • Most important thing you need to do is to make a backup of the phone before installing the app, this app will surely asks you to make backup, select it and tap on next
  • Now you have to tap on the install beats button and wait until the software is ready to install
  • Now after few minutes the setup will be completed and you will be asked for the privacy settings of the app before running it. Grant the settings and make it accessible
  • You are done and ready to enjoy the music!!

Now you are done installing the beats audio system into the mobile phone directly without the interaction of any kind of computers and laptops. It is worthy to install the drivers when you need it and you are not having the data cable to connect the device to computer. This way can make ease in your life and no data cable is require for the whole process.




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