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How To Remove Gmail Account From Android

When people want to connect with each other and needs proper email communication system. They want to get in touch using the Gmail accounts and send their files and photos using the email addresses. When technology revealed the use of mobile phones, then we need Gmail email addresses to login. But people don’t like to login using their GMAIL email addresses. People are using multiple gmail email addresses to login to their android phones, it does not always require to login into the Gmail addresses. They don’t want to login using the Gmail address and needs to change it while the passage of time. There are many ways to remove the gmail accounts from the android phones so we need to remove the gmail accounts from android. We will let you know some easy methods to remove the account that is making you irritating. Many people wants to use other platform’s email addresses to login and used easily. We are here to describe and solve all your worries against android phones.So here is the procedure to remove it without any hassle:

How To Remove Gmail Account From Android

Remove the gmail account using format data option

You may be heard of this technique called as resetting or reset settings. Reset settings means to remove all your files, folders and settings from the phone and move to default settings. The most common and easy way to remove the gmail account is to reset settings > Remove data. Your each file and folder will be removing and also email addresses. It is the easy way to remove it because most people don’t want to take hassle of finding the settings. They know that their data is saved on email addresses and can easily backup. So removing and backing up is not an issue always!!

Note: It is not recommended at all if you want to preserve your data and only removes the email addresses.

Step by step procedure to remove the Gmail email addresses from android

  • First step is to tap on Settings from the drop down menu of android phones
  • When going into the Settings tab go to the Accounts and then find the Google and choose the account to remove then you must tap on Remove account
  • You must first go to settings and then there is the option under personalization called Accounts
  • You have to tap on Google and select your account easily
  • Now you have to tap the menu icon and then select remove the account option
  • When you open the Account Remove option, the android system will show you warning message whether to delete the email address, Say yes!!! Select Remove account
  • Now you’re done absolutely and needs to enter another email address in order to put backup of messages, calls and apps online

This way you can easily remove the email addresses of Gmail from your phone. However, every type of email address can be easily removable using this method. You don’t need to worry about your data that will no longer show up until you logged in again with the same email address. When you want your previous data back, you have to logging with the same email address.

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