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How To Remove Pattern Lock on Android Without Factory Reset

How to remove pattern lock on android without factory reset

Phone has private data stored in it we would not allow anyone to use our phone without permission. Pattern is the method that prevents anyone to use our smartphone. Pattern can be of any type like it can be A, B, C or any form of alphabets or designs. Once the pattern is made only the creators knows the pattern design and format and he/she can only change and remembers. Why people need to put patterns on the phone and for what reasons? People are more insecure about their personal calls details, messages, photos and videos. They don’t want to share their personal conversations with anyone at any cost. Now people’s nature is so spying that they forget the ethics and wants to read other’s data. So this pattern techniques helps the humans to restrict everyone to use their own phone. Security is very crucial nowadays and data can be easily leaked out using internet and other media technology. Passwords are also not secured when we adds it to our phones. When the phones are hacked, passwords are also hacked by anyone but patterns cannot be hacked by anyone. So that is why it is more secure than the traditional way of putting passwords for security. There are some disadvantages of patterns method that it can easily be forget by anyone. When it forgets by the people so phone will be locked and you will not be able to use phone until remove the pattern lock. Earlier it was the only option left to remove pattern lock, the option was to reset the phone and remove the data of the phone. You have to lose all of your phone data in order to remove the forgetter pattern lock.

Steps to remove the pattern lock

It is so easy to remove the pattern when you forgot about the pattern and don’t want to lose your data. Now it’s time to download software and install into your computer easily. You are just few steps away to remove the lock.

  • When usually we forgets to enter the pattern code, we usually have two options left, one says to go with “next” button or to provide security question
  • Please keep in mind to set security settings for your Google account it will help you to unlock the pattern phone
  • If you already set up your security question, now you have the option to retrieve your phone without giving the pattern
  • Once you provide your security question, you can easily remove the pattern lock on android without having the factory reset for the phone
  • When you don’t know the security question, you have another option left for providing your Google accounts details like date of birth you entered when made the account, alternate email addresses, contact number etc. Once you provide it, pattern is removed and you are asked to make new pattern for your android smartphone

Remove using the Software

  • You have to download the ADB drivers into your computer
  • Installations of drivers must be very specific otherwise the pattern will not unlock
  • You need to put codes on command prompt and then your phone’s pattern will be remove

Note: This method is some sort of tricky but it does not work each time. Google method is sufficient to use for breaking the pattern.



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