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Real DIY Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan

There are a huge number of available methods by using which a person can make money online in Pakistan. Hence, the important point that should be kept in mind regarding real earning money online is that you have to show determination, commitment and patience.

So let’s start discussing some legit ways to earn money Online, if you follow any of the one field and then do hardwork, you’ll get success. Please avoid those fake ads clicking sites, those are scams and you’ll just waste your time and money and remember that there is no easy money.



Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online. There are certain things that should be followed in order to make blogging one of the most useful for you. The first thing that you have to do is to create your new blog. This is the point from where your blog will get live, and you will be able to operate and generate money by publishing, writing and managing your blog posts. Try to get the support or help from the professionals or any other member who knows it well.

There are certain things that need to be published or managed properly or else they would create chaos at your blog. Set up a theme that suites you and you are having an interest in it. Customize your theme and make it and settle it according to your interest. Constantly keep on posting something to your blog so that it remains active, and it remains in the sight as well. Try to participate on different forums by giving them answers that will be satisfactory or comment in a bit reasonable way and add link to your blog to promote it. Through this way, you will be able to get some traffic on your site. Market your blog in different ways by participating or publishing posts oo other sites relevant to your topic. Start using blog press on your blog and make it look a bit professional and place CPC ads on your blog and start earning with it.

Resources about Blogging:

Affiliate Marketing

As the technology marks its boundaries, things become easy to grasp and one of the easiest way to get a hold on to this is via World wide web. It collects the vast information and then open it in front of you. And due to this property many companies realize that this is one of the strongest methods to market their things easily and efficiently.

Affiliate Marketing

Companies take it seriously to market things on the internet and customers get facilitated through this and will be able to order things worldwide.

With the emergence of different search engines, the internet got big and massive with respect to the informational machine. Different website owners are using the net to deliver tremendous and worth using contents on the web that will benefit the visitors and different community members as well.

Affiliate marketing is a composition of different parties that are advertisers, publishers, and consumers. Advertisers usually advertise things that they want to sell either in the form of product or the form of service. Whereas a publisher can either be a company or any individual that helps in the promotion of advertisers’ products or services and in return they charge their service in the form of commission.

Advertisers sign a contract normally with the publishers to promote their product or service in different forms like charts, banners, ads or by providing phone numbers. After this, all the final product or the service reaches to the consumer and in this way a triangular relationship or affiliate marketing relationship is formed. The consumer is that person who sees the final thing and then decides to take it or not.

Resources about affiliate marketing:

CPA Marketing

CPA marketing

CPA is a good method to make money in Pakistan, but this is a bit different as compared to other ways of earning online. As the marketer can earn a commission by simply getting some leads to the product or service of any third party business or advertiser. Actually, you do not have to sell anything, all that you need to do is that the customer will provide you an email address and zip code that is also known as zipping submit, and you have to supply, or else you require to fill out some forms and in return you will get paid. In simple words if your audience perform any action required by your advertiser then you’ll get paid for that action and advertiser will be benefited with that visitor’s action.

Resources about CPA marketing:

Fiverr and Freelancing


Fiverr and freelancing are other good options through which one can earn money, and this is good for those who like to write things and want to show something different in a different perspective to the World. Both these options are a source of earning money. Here, all that you need to do is to make an account and select your topic of interest on any popular freelancing website(list of those sites is in the resources section below). Then start bidding there according to your topic of interest and initiate writing any content or article or if you are good at making logos or any work related to graphics, just bid for that and get a project. After the completion of the project, money will be transferred to your account. But websites like Fiverr are easy to use because you can offer any kind of Online service there and in return people whom are using your services will pay you.

Freelancing resources

SEO Services


SEO(search engine optimization) services are one of the important ways of earning money. In this service, the professionals of the service make it possible for the clients to ensure that whatever they want to publish or want to sell. The list will appear in the top  10  searches on the Google or any other search engine. Once the SEO professionals make it possible and in a running position, the client will pay for it. For local Pakistani clients it’s a hectic, better to get some international SEO clients, because they will pay more than the locals.

SEO resources:

Web Hosting services

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a need of every webmaster and all trillions of websites on internet can’t run without a web hosting. You can also become a web hosting provider, just buy a reseller hosting account from any popular and reliable hosting company and start selling that hosting to your customers. You can also buy a VPS or dedicated server but for a startup, reseller is the cheapest and best option.

Web Hosting resources:

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